Our four separate courses include: Lock Picking and Raking, Bypasses & Decoding, Vehicle Access & Restraint Escapes, and Our Target Assessment Systemized Approach. This whole series "Lock Picking 101" was designed from the start to be a four-part series but allows topics to be purchased individually if someone has a particular interest in only one of those topics but, you do get a discount for purchasing access to the full-course bundle.

Hi, I’m Pat

After over a decade of experience in military and federal law enforcement, as well as patrol operations in local law enforcement and the private security sector, I've left all of that employment behind me in the quest to bring my passions for teaching and for helping people - full time. My two biggest passions are lock picking and dog training.


All four parts of this bundle are now uploaded, edited, and available for immediate learning!

The initial discounted bundle price of $250 will only be available for a limited amount of time. 

You can buy any of the four individual courses you like or you get a discount for buying the "Tactical Lock Picking 101" course-bundle.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lock Picking Legal?

Usually, probably "yes". There are many very easy to navigate resources that will help you make that determination but it is legal to most extents in about 80% of the US. Internationally it us usually legal, too. And do not forget, "Legal" and "Moral" are not always the same thing

Is Lock Picking Expensive?

It could be. But, this "Tactical Lock Picking 101" was designed specifically to keep the amount of training time, the amount of gear you have to carry during deployments, and the amount of gear you have to purchase - all to an absolute minimum!

Is lock picking hard?

Nope. Not usually. The movies and TV probably have you conditioned to believe that it is a skill reserved for super spies and only the most elite of street detectives but that is emphatically not the case. This is a skill that Joey B down the street, and a Special Forces Operators, can sit down and both learn at the same time and they can both get an unbelievable value out of "Tactical Lock Picking " for their separate fields of practice.

Does Your Dog Pick Locks?

My dog does not... yet. But I have seen video evidence of dogs here and there that can manage some latch manipulation. It's on my to-do list for me and my dog "Arrow" (who you'll see in the background for most of the filming).