About Your Instructor and this Course

This is Part 2 of a 4-Part course. This block will get you started bypassing and decoding locks within our very first few minutes together on the screen. After that we cover options to bypass doors and padlocks, and we cover 3 and 4-Digit code exploitation. We discuss how to use faster and/or more effective means than lock "picking" techniques during real life emergencies. We'll also talk a lot about the field application as well.

I'm Pat (and in this video course you'll meet my dog Arrow). After over a decade of experience in the military, seizing several metric tons of cocaine with the Coast Guard's "Tactical Law Enforcement Team - South" and after apprehending several Somali Pirates during multiple ship boarding operations as a part of Task Force 151, working as a Patrol Deputy in local law enforcement operations, and working in the private (and more corporate) security world, I have decided to leave all of my former employment behind to bring my passion for teaching and my passion for helping people - full time. I hope that my excitement for these topics comes through during our time together.

Door Bypasses

From the push side, the pull side, the under side, and the wrong side, we will teach you door bypass options that professionals, from many backgrounds, use every single day in the field.


Using tools, and sometimes using just your hands, we will teach you how to solve the lock's internal code mechanisms can be exploited to extract the lock's correct passcode.


Everybody loves math, right?! We're going to talk a little bit about how to find out how many combos a lock actually has, and the results...may shock you!

What This Course Isn't

This will not make you a locksmith (but this info certainly wouldn't hurt if that was your goal).

This course is not a curriculum for casual hobby lock picking. 

This course is not a "how to amaze your friends with magic" lecture (although when many of your peers see your new skill set they'll be as amazed as magic).

This is a skill set that anybody can add into their toolbox but specifically for those whose toolboxes are carried with the intention of being prepared to help others during emergencies.

Payment Option for this Bypassing and Decoding Course