1 - 60 Second Crash Course

TLP Course 1 - Lesson 1

60 Second Crash Course

Thanks so much for getting started with me! I'm your instructor, Pat, and I really hope that this course gives you a lot of real and usable value in your life.

To get started for this lesson you'll need the following locks (or similar types of locks)

  • Master Lock #3
  • Master Lock #140
  • Master Lock #141
  • And/or other inexpensive pin-tumbler padlocks.

You'll also need one or two of the recommended lock pick sets below (or any other "rake" and "tension wrench" setup)

60 Second Crash Course

After gathering your locks and your tools, and after watching the 60 second crash course in this lesson, I would seriously consider NOT going any further in this curriculum for at least a week and trying to succeed and to fail on your own without looking up any other answers or getting any other coaching besides your own brain, if you've never picked open a lock before. If you have experience with lock picking then I'd recommend you sit down and teach someone else your own version of this lock picking crash course; teaching others has a way of expanding and progressing even some of the best practitioners in their field.

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