3 - Identifying Lock Types

TLP Course 1 - Lesson 3

Identifying Lock Types

There are "types" of locks: door locks, bike locks, padlocks, safes.

And there are "types" of locking mechanisms: Pin-Tumbler locks, Wafer locks, Warded locks, Dial Locks, Combination locks, Tubular locks, and more.

Knowing which type of locking mechanism you have as an attack vector that you can attempt entry on, can help you choose which type of tool you'll need in order to access it, and it will ultimately add information to your systemized approach for whether you even should or should not (or can and can not) attempt that pathway as part of your entry options.


At minute 0:36, between my hands is a mix of three lock pick sets:

  1. "Bogota Pi Titanium" $45.
  2. "Stainless Steel Bogota's" $25. I refer to these often as the "Originals". They are just so widely carried and widely useful. They also happen to be the first ever lock pick set that I used to pop open a padlock.
  3. "Mace Pick" set: $12. (Seen taped to the back of a credit card). I - flat - out - always recommend this set to people. Beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

At minute 4:55, between my hands, in the center of the table, is a grouping of three different "jiggler" sets, used for "wafer locks".

  1. "Generic Jiggler Set": $16.95. Listed in the link from Southern Specialties. Available from multiple sources at multiple price points, but a very standard set. These are JUST AS EFFECTIVE as other types of specialty jigglers out there, save one exception, below, for very small wafer locks.
  2. Sparrows "Coffin Keys": $27. In my opinion, the edge that this set gives you for wafer locks is that this set comes with a few SMALL wafer jigglers. This set, however, has smaller handles to grab onto and some sharp edges for the shape of the part of the tool that you hold in your fingers while manipulating. I do, absolutely, carry this set in my 2nd Line Gear bag and probably always will.
  3. Sparrows "Rockout Keys": $12.50. A small 3 piece set of "auto jigglers" that are used to jiggle open, or rake open wafer locks.
  4. Notable mention. Not pictured. Southern Specialties: "Covert Jigglers" $8.95. A fantastic option that I now carry in my wallet. A small three-piece set at a great price. Good comfortable sized handles to grab onto.

At minute 9:48.

  1. "Warded Pick Set" $12.99. I do not carry these in my pocket or in my wallet or on my keychain because warded locks are not the most common locks out there. BUT, these are so insanely effective for warded locks that they will absolutely always have a home in my 2nd Line Gear bag.

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